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The Venetian Book of the Dead: song-by-song notes by Kevin Hewick. 9.



We love all kinds of music so they are namechecked - jazz, blues, country, soul, folk, rock 'n' roll - and some DJ and rapper friends get namechecked too - DJ Shred in New York, DJ Stix in London, DJ Hooky in Manchester, DJ's Max and Micromix of Venice, Kev Hef from the Bronx and DJ Spinderella of Salt 'n' Pepa fame, I was always struck by her as a pioneering woman in a male dominated genre. Musically this is nothing like it but it's our nod to the genius of rap and hip hop.




Sinister, restrained feedback softly moans, dust breathed in turns men into dust.




 I wanted to say how blatant the cover up was by those who knew the workers were spending their days but also how those who knew went for the present - there were jobs, there was work, there was profit, in that present all was well but the future price in human suffering was ignored.


Another muscular 'Hooky' type bassline and naggingly harsh cello, I had to belt this out against such a powerful soundtrack.




A disjointed, fractured, broken representation of the conscienceless industrial monolith that consumes all before it.


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