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Botheration album

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1   Mill Lane 03:46

2   Islington Street 03:40

3   Billion Pebble Beach 05:54

4   Freakbook 04:02

5   Forgotify 06:04

6   The Art of Giving a Toss 05:15

7   Love and Guts 04:47

8   Splinters and Thorns 03:07

9   Everyday Saviour 02:54

10  Anti-Star 05:02

11  A Thousand Albums You Must Hear After You Die 03:24

12  Neville Never 06:36

13  The Dancer 05:04

14  Follow Me on Memory Beach 08:53

15  Slower Turning 04:11



Released November 10, 2016


Music & lyrics by Kevin Hewick (c) 2014-2015

Additional lyrics on ‘Neville Never’ part 2 by Cassidy Rowe


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Adam Ellis at Deadline Studios, Leicester between September 4th 2014 and July 14th 2015


Kevin Hewick: acoustic, electric and bass guitars, MicroKorg, Mellotron, vocals

Mark ‘Flash’ Haynes: drum kit, djembe, shakers

David Conrad Dhonau: cello

Jonathan Read: trumpet

Tom Lewitt: bongos

Adam Ellis: bongos, tambourines, shakers


Also featuring Ash Mammal on 'Neville Never’ part 2:

Cassidy Rowe: vocals

George Shaw: guitars, vocals

Jeeves Kanth: bass, vocals

Anya Greengrass: drums, vocals


Additional backing vocals by Adam Ellis and Kevin Hewick


Artwork and graphic design by Jim Tetlow

Cover image adapted from portrait of Joseph Jefferson by Napoleon Sarony (1903) from an original idea by Jack Turner

Touching Stones,

Tasting Rain

TStoneTRain CD front
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