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Pillows & Prayers 1&2.

Cherry red 2xCD.2000.



From Brussels With Love. 

Crepescule CD/LP/MC 1980

Haystack (Kevin Hewick

& New Order).


Havock Junction. 

Sorted CD.2001.

Somehows Somehow.


All Sewn Up

Patrik Fitzgerald tribute album. Crispin Glover Records. 2009

Personal Loss


Ambition Vol.2

Cherry Red CD. 1991.



Suction Prints.

Sorted CD. 2000.

The Lost Childhood.



Sorted 7" EP. 1996.

(+ John Sims, Moon Equipped, Slinky)

Drowned Dream Wreckage


Instrumentally Yours.

Richmond CD. 1998.

Tender Bruises & Scars


The Eyes Of Barbara Steele.

Cherry Red LP. 1983.

Feathering The Nest


Petals And Flowers.

Sorted CD. 2006 Complilation of 7-inch aingle tracks.

Drowned Dream Wreckage

compilations (a selection)

Abuse: Artist For Animals

Abuse LP. 1985

The Carthorse.


Teenbeat Sampler 2003.

Teenbeat CD. 2003.



Northern Lights

1981 Audio-Magazine Cassette

Mother's Day 

(Kevin recites and comments)



Benefit CD.2004.

Charles Darwin Blues.


Whispers From The Offing.

Kevin Coyne tribute album. 2007.

Raindrops On The Window


A Taste Of Pink Box

Pink Box CD. 2009.



I'll Give You My Heart, I'll Give You My Heart: The Cherry Red Singles Collection 1978-83


Feathering The Nest


The Tall Man At The Back.

Tom Westmoreland tribute album. 2007.

Brother T



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