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Keep Your Flipped Wigs On

- Songs From School Of Hard Rocks.

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Pink Box CD album, PINK014 FEB 2007.


Kevin's songs from the rock musical written by Jez Simons and staged by Hathi Productions


 1. Richard Hasbeen

 2. Dope academy

 3. Rockstars Don't Need To Pass Exams

 4. Any Crap Will Do

 5. Save The Gannets

 6. Rock 'n' Roll Tantrum (Electric Hymn)

 7. Chances Are For Chancers

 8. iPod Trash

 9. The Myth

10. Will Get Fooled Again

11. Answers On A Postcard

12. Rock 'n' Roll Tantrum (Acoustic Angst)

13. Save The Gannets (Vix & The Gannet Girls)

Hairbrush Karaoke:

14. Dope Academy

15. Rockstars Don't Need To Pass Exams

16. Any Crap Will Do

17. Save The Gannets

18. Rock 'n' Roll Tantrum

19. iPod Trash

20. Will Get Fooled Again

21. Answers On A Postcard

Anorak 12-inch mixes:

22. Dope Academy

23. Rockstars Don't Need To Pass Exams

24. Save The Gannets (Vix & Gannets Girls)


Answers On A Postcard

(b/w Sarah Elizabeth Bell by Mr Plow) 7-inch vinyl promo on Pink Box.

PINK 018. 2009.

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