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Cherry Red CD (CDMRED232)


Haystack (Kevin + New Order)

Ophelia's Drinking Song

Cathy Clown

He Holds You Tighter




At First Sight

I Rap Too Much (aka Elizabethan Death Rap)

Door To Door Salesman

Edie: L.A. Swimming Pool


Scapegoat In A Country Churchyard

The Hills Of Leopards

Feathering The Nest

She Holds Him Tighter

Mother's Day

Neath Dancing Waves

Tender Bruises And Scars

Plenty (Kevin + The Sound)

Neath Dancing Waves (Kevin + The Sound)

Amber (Kevin + The Sound)

Scapegoat In A Country Churchyard

Ophelia's Drinking Song - video

Tender Bruises & Scars:

The Complete Factory & Cherry Red Studio Recordings 1980-83

Tender Bruises disc new
Tender Bruises front new2
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