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the sound of

adrian borland

the amsterdam tapes

paradiso main hall



From the Citizen Borland YouTube channel:


"This was a tribute to Adrian Borland in the Paradiso, Amsterdam, as there were: Mark Burgess (The Chameleons), Felix Maginn (Moke), Simon Breed, Kevin Hewick and Carlo van Putten (The Convent, Dead Guitars & White Rose Transmission), Maurits Westerik (GEM), Bart van Poppel & Liesbeth Esselink (Solex).



The band that evening was:

Robin Berlijn - guitar

Jac Bico - guitar

Bart van Poppel - bass

Eddy Steeneken - keyboards

Leon Klaasse - drums



[set 1]


00:01:15 - Fast Blue World (w/Felix Maginn)

00:06:34 - Via Satellite (w/Simon Breed)

00:11:30 - Darkest Heart (w/Kevin Hewick)

00:16:14 - Sea Of Noise (w/Kevin Hewick)

00:22:58 - Ordinary Angel (w/Carlo van Putten)

00:28:10 - Queen (w/Maurits Westerik)

00:31:47 - White Room (w/Mark Burgess)

00:38:08 - Soul Explosion (w/Mark Burgess)


[set 2]


00:42:50 - Party Of The Mind (w/Felix Maginn)

00:46:29 - Skeletons (w/Felix Maginn)

00:50:22 - Contact The Fact (w/Kevin Hewick)

00:55:40 - Where The Love Is (w/Kevin Hewick)

01:00:42 - I Can't Escape Myself (w/Simon Breed)

01:05:44 - Hand Of Love (w/Carlo van Putten)

01:09:37 - Possession (w/Mark Burgess)

01:13:18 - Sense Of Purpose (w/Mark Burgess)

01:17:43 - Heartland (w/Maurits Westerik)




01:23:54 - Silent Air (w/Simon Breed)

01:28:16 - Winning (w/Carlo van Putten)

01:34:24 - Skeletons (w/Felix Maginn)



#TheSoundOfAdrianBorland #TheAmsterdamTapes #Paradiso


Captured from the broadcast. I do not own copyrights, no intention of infrigment, just to share. Enjoy!!"

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