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1. Describe your sound.


Mostly one man and a guitar.But not your typical singer-songwriter - there are many layers beneath what seems to be quite simple stuff.


2. What are your worst habits?


I say "know what I mean?" too much. Because I get the feeling people don't know what I mean.


3. Which bands inspired you to play?


Early on? The Beatles, Cream, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Velvet Underground, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Dylan, Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, Bowie, CSNY, Van Morrison, The Band, Yes, Stax soul.


4. The X-Factor, Pop Idol, etc. What's the score?


The audition you see on TV is the 3rd they've done. Cowell and co's shocked reactions are faked - they already know who the awful singers are.


5. What was your first-ever gig like?


It was a band called Life at Countesthorpe College, December 15, 1972. My memories of our nervousness and excitement are still vivid 30 years on.

starter for 10: kevin hewick. leicester mercury - june 22 2006

6. The best bands in Leicestershire, apart from you are...?


Pink Strip, 1st, VID, SLH, Yellowbelly, Misterlee, Mr Plow, Paul Carden...and many others.


7. The world would be a much sadder place without...?


Doctor Who. We owe him so much. He has saved this planet time and time again.


8. If there was a pop song you wish you'd written, what would it be?


Anything by Scissor Sisters, Goldfrapp, the whole of Dylan's 'John Wesley Harding' album,Curved Air - 'Backstreet Luv'.


9. When you get famous, your mansion will be full of what?


Vintage guitars - Martin acoustics and Fender and Gibson electrics. However, I adore the Yairi I already have, that's my main instrument now.


10. The best place for a beer in Leicestershire is...?


Real ale beer? That would be The Criterion in Millstone Lane. I also love The Twisted Toucan, that place is so vibey.

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