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Kevin on the That Side of You EP.

Aug 2007.


Infamously regarded as "too jolly" by the label they were originally done for these tracks seemed doomed to join the Hewick song mountain (which is like the EU butter mountain but it's made of Hewick songs instead of EU butter) but then Pink Box's Chris Garland got to hear them via ist's Flash who is featured on three of the four numbers on the EP... and it's because of Chris's love of the fruits of those heady summer '06 sessions that they are now on over 60 download sites worldwide..


THAT SIDE OF YOU. I think of this as a modern take on the sort of concise but expressive songs The Beatlers used to do early on in their career. Maybe it'd blend in with the likes of 'Things we said today' and 'I'll be back' on the 'Hard Days Night’ soundtrack album. I like the fact that it's a very simple song about a strong willed woman, I admire her forthrightness and the way she "...won't capitulate or backtrack..." I was kind of chuffed at my nailing the bass guitar on this one and Gaz Birtles does a magnificent sax solo.


SOMETHING TO DO ON THE BUS. Flash had his teeny weeny skiffle drumset in the corner of my lounge.It was a hot summers day, a good day to play...Later on, Chris and Luce of Pink Strip came around and Chris did some nice bass here and Luce developed some lovely femme vox reflections of my male lead. Ok, I admit - this is 'The Wheels on the Bus' meets 'Big Yellow Taxi' - but hey, why not?


GREENBELT WANDERER. An oft misunderstood attempt to proclaim a mystical Leicester landscape where the wanderer wanders with great joyfullness. There's a lot in this song, I love to do it live.I hope that one day people will realise what an amazing song it actually is. Gary B did some cheerful harmonica and again Luce was the improv queen. Bill Maynard who gave it a spin on his BBC Radio Leciester show asked for a personal copy of it for his own collection - so at least that's one person that 'gets it'!


THAT SIDE OF ME. I did this as a rough run through but, flaws and all, it seemed so heartfelt, a real moment in time...Birtles added some ghost flutes and that was it. To say " times there's a fear of loss..." and then " times there's a loss of fear..." just blows me away. If my own work didn't blow ME away then what would be the point of my doing it? to if it blows anybody else away...hmm...I certainly wish people could see this one is one of those songs that can blow them away, it's a very pure, honest song that's for sure.





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