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The Venetian Book of the Dead: song-by-song notes by Kevin Hewick. 7.





A swirl of abstract machine-like sound introduces the album. The only respite is Alessandro's mandolin, to be a major sonic voice throughout, giving a human folk music texture to the inhuman grind of industry.




There's a touch of Peter Hook and Joy Division in the use here of Alessandro's other major instrument, his bass guitar. The whole piece broods, an ominous and doomy atmosphere pervades.


I read of one of the men who would shower and even change his clothes before he went home from work - but he still reeked of the factory smell and his children would run away calling out to him that he was 'Radioactive'.


Repelling those he loved the most and steeped in the chemicals that were to cause his death I wanted this lyric to match the dark musical theme and capture the feeling of a man who literally wanted to climb out of his own skin and be well again.




From the personal tragedy this song goes to the wider damage to the environment and how a whole community was affected. More explicitly how EVERYTHING became corrupted/tainted, all that people ate, touched and breathed.


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