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The Venetian Book of the Dead: song-by-song notes by Kevin Hewick. 11.



There's real tension in the bass and the synth, an elusive cycle that was pretty difficult to fit words to, it's actually an extract from a longer improvisation that Alessandro did with Halo XVI.


There's an element of 'pantomine baddie' in here but I think that it works as a dramatic device within the storyline.




Rather like a ghostly reprise of 'Black Tar Lagoon'. Alessandro's bass is the bedrock for some very eerie sound textures by Madriema.




The most folky that Unfolk get I aimed for the directness of a protest song here, I felt had a bit of a Gilbert and Sullivan 'Lord Chancellors Nightmare Song' feel in mind, only slower and with less verbals!


The whole effect is, we hope, like something that could be an old folk song of another age.


I am aware that it depicts the victims of the attrocity as the most noble of beings and those that let the disaster happen as being totally bad. The truth is always a greyer area but this is a cry for justice, a justice so often denied in the smoke and mirrors world of the so-called law.



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