Diplodisc/Burning Shed CD album (dpl002), 2010.


Unfolk: kevin Hewick & Alessandro Monti. Produced by Alessandro Monti.


 1. Cicatrice Del Tempo

 2. The Radioactive Man

 3. Black Tar Lagoon

 4. Bedroom Discotheque

 5. Dust To Dust

 6. The Cover Up

 7. Trasferible (ESP mix)

 8. Early Grave

 9. Destinazione Astrale

10. A Limited Edition Of One

11. Someone Is Always Screwing Someone

12. Tutte le Cose Lasciate In Sospeso

13. Cancer Of The Conscience

14. Forgive

15. Natura Distorta (The Cover Up pt 2)

16. The Wave That Speeds To Shore


Available on: album and all tracks widely available worldwide from various places including amazon and iTunes.

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