An Unlikely Source.

1992 Cassette.

Rundown town / An unlikely source / We're not together /

The sun the moon and the stars / Always and forever.



In An Open-Air Surgery.

1993 Cassette.

Strangely it hurts to give up the past / Naked / Haystack / Love felt good then / New girl on the block / So much time / Wide open / No miracle /Alliance of broken worlds.




1983 7-inch vinyl track.

Cover of Kevin Hewick song by In Embrace. B-side of their single 'The Living Daylights' (Glass Records).




2005 CD/download track.

Cover of Kevin Hewick song by The Linger Effect. On their 'Charmer' album.




1996 7-inch EP. SRS007.

On Sorted Records. Featured 'Drowned Dream Wreckage' by Kevin plus tracks by John Sims, Moon Equipped & Slinky.

2006-now. Exclusive free mp3 downloads.

So far: The entire Doomcloud album + Balloon / Quarterhearted / Morphia: live 1980 / Psychedelic Hairshirt.


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