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By kevinhewick, Oct 31 2017 10:04AM

Botheration presents ‘Driven By Love, Driven By Hate’.

Available from this site signed by Kevin...

...and from Bandcamp (where it is also available as a digital download)

Cover and 12 page lyric booklet designed by Jim Tetlow and featuring the beautiful photography of Asuka Sawada throughout.

Recorded by Adam Ellis at Deadline Studios and featuring wonderful musical contributions by him and Autumn D. Leader, Mark Haynes, David Conrad Dhonau, Arian Sadr,Jonathan Read, PJ Baker, Chris Conway, Simon Si Ball, Kevin John Ellis, Kate Ellis and Naomi Armitage.

17 songs, 79.22 long, recorded between December 2016 and September 2017. There are 4 movements like the 4 sides of a double LP.

1. A spiritual retreat away from the burdens of the world - but the heart will always carry it’s weight..

2. Political turmoil, the manipulations of the fake news media, the working class from where I came and the aristocratic elites who leech off us and the battle of Brexit that neither side can win.

3. A reverse image of 1. Remorse and guilt and then the myth of the great open road and escape into the mythical Americana culture that fed the fantasies of my generation, we are all the uneasy riders of the easy riding dream.

4. If Van Morrison can do it with ‘Cyprus Avenue’ I can with Eyres Monsell and Glen Parva. People and places, ghosts, and dog walking and cat walking into a dream of innocence and selflessness. The album starts with desiring the desirelessness of a Buddhist monk and ends with turning back into a little boy with a kitty and a doggy in the woods..

Don’t ask me how I did it, all albums are difficult, this one was made as my personal sky fell in but somehow however bad it gets you can always get a lyric and a tune out of me, music really is deep in my very being, a life affirming universal force that has to come out somehow despite the often self inflicted turmoil I live in. Artist in pain is an old riff but us artists do play it. There is also hope and beauty and I/we play that too. Somehow these things always head toward the light rather than toward the darkness.

This is where I badly need you folks.. All sales help to fund the next album and to build up the body of work that I began with ‘All Was Numbered’ and then The Heat Of Molten Diamonds’ and ‘Touching Stones, Tasting Rain’ and this new album. I have never gone for crowd funding. You can just buy this or any other Kevin Hewick album and ‘crowd fund’ me x

I need you to share and post your feelings about it and spread the word about it because there is no big PR machine behind it, it’s self released and there are no pluggers and no certainties, and there is no Jools Holland Later and no sign of Top Of The Pops or a John Peel session either..

In the chaos of making this collection, and in the chaos of the life events around it I have not been too good at managing the mailout side of things. I owe many apologies and will try to get the house in order. Please bear with me on that, thank you to those who already have been bearing with me!

By kevinhewick, Oct 16 2017 11:23AM

Coming very very soon:

Recorded December 2016 - September 2017 by Adam Ellis at Deadline Studios

Photography by Asuka Sawada

Design by Jim Tetlow

A Robe, A Razor And A Bowl

The Country Mile

Life Is Too Kind

Driven By Love, Driven By Hate

Memory Coma

Watch And Learn

My Friends The Rats

The Inheritors

Imaginary Victory

Season Three

Shattered Soul

Arizona Highways

Uneasy Rider

Jackson Pollock Pebbledash

Radcot Lawns

Glen Parva Dogwalker



Botheration / Bother 02

By kevinhewick, May 18 2017 04:46PM

In the next couple of months I have got an amazing sequence of gigs with some of my great musical heroes..

Starting TONIGHT 18th with Crass legend Steve Ignorant and his Slice Of Life band AND the wonderful Jesuscarfish at the LCB depot in Leicester.

Then on May 22nd I am with the great George Borowski and Moya and my dear friend and comrade Stevie Jones at The Three Cocks Inn Kettering.

May 24th sees me and the band and Lumière Ogbanje's magnificent lightshow support the awesome long-awaited return of The Doctors Of Madness, their first Midlands show in 40 years at Leicester's Musician. Do not miss!!!

May 28th at The Musician we pause for thought to remember one of music's true nice guys, Mr Ian Babington - I'll be joining a host of artists to pay tribute to him.

June 3rd I am at Leicester Riverside festival then on the dreaded election night June 8th come and share some musical light with the ever-classic mainman Terry Reid and I at The Musician.

June 25th I join the lovely Labour Partiers for an open air event at The Boathouse Barrow Upon Soar - celebrating the new Corbyn Labour government of course!

And July 16th at The Muso with my soulbrotherhomie Steve Parker we have the wonderful Keith Christmas

- and I have the honour of sharing a stage with Keith again on the next night, the 17th, at The Old Labour Club in Northampton.

PLEASE NOTE Keith and I are free for a possible Tuesday 18th gig in the Midlands area - any offers?

I should also complete both the epic 17 song new Kevin Hewick album at Deadline Studios with Adam Ellis with contributions by Autumn Dawn Leader, Jonathan Read, Rhett Barrow, David Conrad Dhonau and Mark Haynes, out.. when its ready of course!

And also there is the 2 hour plus voyage into sound recorded in collaboration with Alessandro Monti, Jim Tetlow , MarChris Conway, Lee Boyd Allatson , Steve Escott and Mark Haynes.. between these two albums thats over 3 hours of music to unleash on the world, we have all worked hard on these projects but I promise you they will be worth the wait..

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