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By kevinhewick, Jan 7 2019 12:38PM

A new LOW (geddit?) in rock photography at ‘Let’s Play Bowie: Hunky Dory’ at The Donkey 5.1.19

Getting to rehearse and sing with this beautiful band has been a shining light in a dark few days for me.

It’s one thing getting great players another getting great people but this was a real ensemble, just a joy to sing with, Andy Price and Tony Robinson creating orchestral keyboard magic, Malcolm D’Sa and Chris Denalu spot on with the drums and bass, Natasha Pattinson’s violin just soaring into the stratosphere, Andy Wales - he never fails! A guitarist other guitarist bow down to.. and Gaz Birtles who made it all possible - when he sings or plays his sax you feel the love for Bowie!

The Donkey is a chaotic place when sold out, but the atmosphere is fantastic and this audience was mega-fantastic. I’ve never shook so many hands and been hugged so much as this night.

Nile Barrow kicked us off with ‘Changes’,a young man for a young man’s song.. and I followed with ‘Oh! You Pretty Things’ proclaiming the new generation, the new world. Gaz then sang ‘Eight Line Poem’,’Life On Mars’ abs ‘Kooks’ - no matter how many times I hear ‘Mars’ I never tire of it and I think it’s one of the greatest songs ever written and Gary gave his all to it.

I was back on with the mystical ‘Quicksand’, a Song I deeply identify with, one of Bowie’s most occult statements. After Gaz did the joyous ‘Fill Your Heart’ Andy Sharman was ‘Andy Warhol’ - on this and ‘Queen Bitch’ Leicester’s legendary art rocker did not disappoint.

‘Song For Bob Dylan’ I loved tackling, it’s a bit of an overlooked Bowie song but a hell of a live number to do. Leaving ‘The Bewley Brothers’, just perfect for Simon Gilroy with Andy and Gaz.

All this and a set of superb choices by Simon and The Serious Moonlights - ‘I’m Afraid Of Americans’,’Valentines Day’ and a swaggering ‘Fame’, relentless drums by Nick Murphy!

To top it all Wellard Willy represented the guitar dominated rockier end of the ‘Ziggy’ era - I can never forget the fun we had doing ‘Diamond Dogs’ together at the Simon Says Festival In 2017.

I can’t imagine a ‘Let’s Play Ed Sheeran’ in 45 years time. Mick Ronson gave Bowie 1,000% and David himself was ultra-inspired, ‘Hunky Dory’ is his Beatles album to me, yet he was to totally turn it around with ‘Ziggy’ and then his Thin White Duke and Berlin eras. He owned the 70s.

I felt sad afterwards because this package could tour it’s that good. I also felt sad over the loss of Bowie himself. It still hurts 2 years later and I think it always will. He was such a part of our lives and still sounds way ahead of most everything, always was, always will be..

Terrible photos, nigh on impossible conditions to take them lol..

By kevinhewick, Oct 16 2017 11:23AM

Coming very very soon:

Recorded December 2016 - September 2017 by Adam Ellis at Deadline Studios

Photography by Asuka Sawada

Design by Jim Tetlow

A Robe, A Razor And A Bowl

The Country Mile

Life Is Too Kind

Driven By Love, Driven By Hate

Memory Coma

Watch And Learn

My Friends The Rats

The Inheritors

Imaginary Victory

Season Three

Shattered Soul

Arizona Highways

Uneasy Rider

Jackson Pollock Pebbledash

Radcot Lawns

Glen Parva Dogwalker



Botheration / Bother 02

By kevinhewick, Jan 21 2014 02:19PM

At very short notice Trevor Locke of the Arts in Leicester website asked me to play at The Looking Glass on Braunstone Gate in Leicester after the inaugral meeting of the new Leicester Music Forum. I hadn't played at that venue since 2003, let's say the previous management weren't KH fans.. but new manager Joshua is keen to welcome people back to the venue. The meeting downstairs went well, it was a start anyway, about 70 people of all ages and plenty of women speaking up too in what can be a tediously male dominated scene. There's need for a more unified appraoch between us, music is a vital part of the culture in our city yet we over get overlooked, regarded as 'moaners' by certain other overindulged highly-funded sectors of the arts. I knew that afterwards people would be pretty animated about it all and I could have been some kind of irritating soundtrack to a hundred different conversations but, though it was noisy it was good natured and I was well recieved and I had a 'play don't worry' attitude and did it for the tables close to me like Carol Leeming and Geoff Overon and The Flying Kangeroo Alliance's Meri Everitt and Keeley Knight. I did 90 minutes and included a few numbers I didn't get to do at The Criterion last Thursday. FAC 501 played first by request, he second full run-through of 'ANOTHER JERUSALEM' and on the vintage end I hit on the idea of 'HAYSTACK' going into 'OPHLEIAS DRINKNG SONG' back into 'HAYSTACK'. 90 minutes exactly, It all felt good, the voice, the songs, the guitar, it all felt good. I just wish I had more shows to do, I am primed for them again. Later on the barman got a guitar out and then Meri, Keeley, Nile McGregor and a very drunk Alex on his 23rd birthday did some songs, it was a lovely evening, lots of fun.


Pic by Meri Everitt

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