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By kevinhewick, May 18 2017 04:46PM

In the next couple of months I have got an amazing sequence of gigs with some of my great musical heroes..

Starting TONIGHT 18th with Crass legend Steve Ignorant and his Slice Of Life band AND the wonderful Jesuscarfish at the LCB depot in Leicester.

Then on May 22nd I am with the great George Borowski and Moya and my dear friend and comrade Stevie Jones at The Three Cocks Inn Kettering.

May 24th sees me and the band and Lumière Ogbanje's magnificent lightshow support the awesome long-awaited return of The Doctors Of Madness, their first Midlands show in 40 years at Leicester's Musician. Do not miss!!!

May 28th at The Musician we pause for thought to remember one of music's true nice guys, Mr Ian Babington - I'll be joining a host of artists to pay tribute to him.

June 3rd I am at Leicester Riverside festival then on the dreaded election night June 8th come and share some musical light with the ever-classic mainman Terry Reid and I at The Musician.

June 25th I join the lovely Labour Partiers for an open air event at The Boathouse Barrow Upon Soar - celebrating the new Corbyn Labour government of course!

And July 16th at The Muso with my soulbrotherhomie Steve Parker we have the wonderful Keith Christmas

- and I have the honour of sharing a stage with Keith again on the next night, the 17th, at The Old Labour Club in Northampton.

PLEASE NOTE Keith and I are free for a possible Tuesday 18th gig in the Midlands area - any offers?

I should also complete both the epic 17 song new Kevin Hewick album at Deadline Studios with Adam Ellis with contributions by Autumn Dawn Leader, Jonathan Read, Rhett Barrow, David Conrad Dhonau and Mark Haynes, out.. when its ready of course!

And also there is the 2 hour plus voyage into sound recorded in collaboration with Alessandro Monti, Jim Tetlow , MarChris Conway, Lee Boyd Allatson , Steve Escott and Mark Haynes.. between these two albums thats over 3 hours of music to unleash on the world, we have all worked hard on these projects but I promise you they will be worth the wait..

By kevinhewick, Mar 24 2017 02:54PM

Botheration is anything I want it to be and Botheration is now going to be presenting some special shows during the next few months - and they don't come more special than this one.. not only is it their first Midlands show for 40 years, Richard Strange has pointed out to me it's their first show anywhere outside London in 40 years..

Doctors Of Madness - First Midlands show in 40 years + Kevin Hewick + Lumiere Ogbange Lightshow: The at The Musician, Clyde Street, Leicester. Weds 24th May. £12. Starts 8pm . Tickets from

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