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By kevinhewick, Nov 29 2013 11:01AM



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Six songs recorded in scattered sessions between January - October 2013 with Adam Ellis at Deadline Studios in Aylestone Leicester. Adam provides some touches of percussion and my longstanding drummer of choice Mark ‘Flash’ Haynes also appears. The rest is noise made by me.

Some of you will know not know me at all, some of you will know me recently for my epic but intimate, conversational. interactive performances, and as an outspoken. opinionated Leicester music scene veteran who refuses to lie down, or from my days as one of the original (and only Midlands or Southern signing) of Factory Records which included New Order doing their first ever post Joy Division recordings with me. and a lot of affectionate arguing with Tony Wilson, and then my stint on Cherry Red where I got to work with Adrian Borland and The Sound.

Following on from ‘All Was Numbered‘ (2012) which was my meditation on my Factory days and the living legacy of those extraordinary times this new album ‘The Heat Of Molten Diamonds‘ is about riots. revolution, loss, and the joys of rambling and the power of all embracing universal love.

AMERICANTA is that place you hate but love, the place you want to escape from but cannot get away from. It's also a cowboy movie.

A YOUNG MAN'S DREAM OF REVOLUTION is about the ideals that never die but the idealist who sadly does.

ANOTHER JERUSALEM begins with parliament getting wiped out and the UK descending into violent anarchy and millions of Ed Sheeran soundalike buskers before heroic, idealist Blakean mystical socialists make a valiant attempt to rebuild it. This song had to end on an optimistic note.

ELEGY FOR JACKIE LEVEN is just that. It is still hard to think that we live in a world without Jackie being physically with us but I feel his spirit every day.

ALMOST UNSEEN communes with nature and celebrates the journey we all share. .

SEEKlNG A RELIGIOUS EXPERlENCE says LOVE is a religious experience, the best religious experience you can ever have. having a religious experience without a religion getting in the way.

if interested you can find a more detailed song by song essay on

By kevinhewick, Nov 6 2013 01:29PM

After many delays, revisions and rethinks my new album on Pink Box Records 'The Heat Of Molten Diamonds' is almost ready to set sail. It's been recorded throughout this year with Adam Ellis at Deadline Studio who also did such a great job on the last album 'All Was Numbered'. The final overdub was done on Halloween. I sing, play all the guitars and basses and have Adam and my old cohort Mark 'Flash' Haynes on the drums and percussion. There are only 6 songs on it but 2 of those clock in at over 13 and 14 minutes long. We are putting the stress on the good old fashioned CD of it (by mail order, in certain good record stores or at my gigs) as it is as much a 'package' as our limited resources could make it with full lyrics and a great design by Jim Tetlow. It will also be available as a download in time. Hopefully it should all be rolling by the November 20's, I can't be precise as it'll be when they are manufactured. Soon as they are they are..


As is apt with a new masterpiece album due out I have very few gigs ahead at the moment.. it is hoped the 'masterpiece album' may help me to get further afield in 2014.Thursday December 12th 2013 see's a special show at Leciester Musician with Northampton's finest Pat 'Jazz Butcher' Fish and Venus Fly Trap. Thursday January 15th 2014 will be a 2 hour plus classic Hewick Criterion show.Also by special request I have been asked to be part of a celebrity Lou Reed tribute band at Firebug Leicester in early December, date TBC.There's a lot I want to say about Lou's passing in a future blog soon.

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