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By kevinhewick, Oct 16 2017 11:23AM

Coming very very soon:

Recorded December 2016 - September 2017 by Adam Ellis at Deadline Studios

Photography by Asuka Sawada

Design by Jim Tetlow

A Robe, A Razor And A Bowl

The Country Mile

Life Is Too Kind

Driven By Love, Driven By Hate

Memory Coma

Watch And Learn

My Friends The Rats

The Inheritors

Imaginary Victory

Season Three

Shattered Soul

Arizona Highways

Uneasy Rider

Jackson Pollock Pebbledash

Radcot Lawns

Glen Parva Dogwalker



Botheration / Bother 02

By kevinhewick, Mar 24 2017 02:54PM

Botheration is anything I want it to be and Botheration is now going to be presenting some special shows during the next few months - and they don't come more special than this one.. not only is it their first Midlands show for 40 years, Richard Strange has pointed out to me it's their first show anywhere outside London in 40 years..

Doctors Of Madness - First Midlands show in 40 years + Kevin Hewick + Lumiere Ogbange Lightshow: The at The Musician, Clyde Street, Leicester. Weds 24th May. £12. Starts 8pm . Tickets from

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