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By kevinhewick, Oct 10 2019 12:04PM

First posted on Kevin's Facebook page:

Hear the show here:

Having listened to a few of Alan’s previous shows I was genuinely surprised by what he did with me, I thought we’d talk quite a bit, and maybe he’d play a song or two of mine but he played TEN. To put that into context since 2014 BBC national and local radio have played 0.

I was overwhelmed by that, songs that have never been broadcast ever before got an airing, he said about putting on ‘French Jazz Station’ and I said but it’s over 10 minutes long but he said he does what he likes, it’s his show so it went on!

It zoomed by and the 2 hours felt like 2 minutes and we talked as much off air as the tracks played as we did on. It got hard to get a grasp on which was which it was so relaxed an atmosphere with George the technical assistant Alan and I in the funky Boogaloo radio shack. Our minds went off at many, many tangents, to give you an idea of our ‘off air’ topics they included:

Jackie Leven/Doll By Doll

Denise Johnson/Primal Scream

The Ruts

The Damned


John Peel

Martin Hannett

Roy Harper

Steel Pulse

Lee Underwood/Tim Buckley

and lots more on my mum, my dad, John Hollingsworth, Adrian Borland and Colvin Mayers, Patrik Fitzgerald, Tony Wilson etc etc. And George’s uncanny resemblance to a grown up version of the lad on the drums in ‘Love Actually’...

Alan had to dash as the last song played, so suddenly it was over and I was on the street again feeling like I’d just imagined the last 2 hours...

I do appreciate that Alan dedicated so much time to me and said the kind things he said about my voice and my songs. I’ll always treasure this, it meant so much to me.

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