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By kevinhewick, Aug 22 2017 02:48PM

With one days notice I appeared at the 10th anniversary Tony Wilson event in Walthamstow replacing the photographer Kevin Cummins. I was just going as an audience member.

I was on the discussion panel with the wonderful Rowetta of Happy Mondays, James Endeacott and Buzzcocks manager Richard Boon, chaired by John Robb. It was filmed and is up on you tube as Tony Wilson: What Was And What Could Be (I think!) Paul Morley also appeared reading extracts from his forthcoming Tony Wilson book that he has already interviewed me for.

Mark Hart who organised the event had become quite a Hewick fan (!) and has proposed a follow up..TBC but it will be my first ever headliner in London at Centre 17 Walthamstow on Thursday October 19th. (DATE CHANGE!)

The proposed format will be:

A 30 minute set by local trio Crayon Angels.

A 30 minute 1st set by me.

A 30 minute conversation with Jude Rawlins/.

A 45 minute 2nd set by me.

Pre and after sounds by DJ Nick Watt (who worked with Tony Wilson on In The City Festival)

It will also launch my next album 'Driven By Love Driven By Hate' - we conclude sessions this month, 70 minutes plus 16 or 17 songs depending if one makes the cut.

All to be confirmed but very excited!


By kevinhewick, Sep 2 2014 12:38PM

Until now my 2012 album 'All Was Numbered' has only available on download but it is at last also out as a CD on Peter Hook's Hacienda label with cover and booklet design by Chris McMinn and Jim Tetlow featuring full credits and lyrics and liner notes by Paul Morley. Paul's involvement comes about because of his asking me to write a song especially for his 2011 Southbank Meltdown Festival tribute show to Tony Wilson. The 'song' became 3 songs and then 7 and formed the material for this album. These songs use my era on Factory Records as their inspiration and they include my elergies for Tony Wilson and Section 25's Larry Cassidy. There are guest appearances by Mark 'Flash' Haynes, Chris Conway, David Dhonau, Camilla Kent (soon to be seen on 'The X Factor' 2014), Sally Barker (Runner up of BBC's 'The Voice'), John Butler (Diesel Park West), Mr Plow, Kenton Hall (ist), Gem, Dan White, Martha Bean and Adam Ellis who also engineered and co-produced the whole package with me. There is an additonal uncredited track, a 2014 radio edit for 'Now Is Then'. The album can be purchased on this site via Paypal, Bandcamp and as a download from Hacienda Records or iTunes.



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