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By kevinhewick, Jan 11 2016 10:22AM

On Friday I did what I've done since I was a kid - got on a bus to the city centre to go to HMV to buy the new Bowie album. As archaic as it comes in download streaming Sheeranzzz 2016, I was 58 going on 18.. and I ran into Gaz Birtles who was there for exactly the same reason - and we unwrapped 'Blackstar' in St Martin's coffee shop to examine the art work, to look for signs and meanings. Later on I played it through 5 times in a row. Not out of duty, but because it was on form/happening, because it was Bowie.. I didn't dream that by Monday morning I'd be writing this and feeling this and sharing grief with countless fans all over the world. We adored him, bitched about him, analysed him, speculated, gossiped, you name it. It's impossible to express right now however hard we try. King Bitch has left the building. The Thin White Duke is dredging the ocean, lost in his circle. Sleep well Leper Messiah, you're a Blackstar!

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