The Trio

By kevinhewick, Jan 9 2015 05:31PM

David Dhonau plucks the bass, Mark Haynes strikes the djembe and stuff and I folk off on the acoustic guitar and following our 3 spirited debut shows in December 2014 we now enter 2015 at: The Cookie Leicester January 18th with The Wild Man Of Europe and Simon WaldramThe Silk Kite Tamworth January 28thJack D's Atherstone January 29thThese are all 30 minute sets. We play sitting down in a 'crab formation' with me as the crab head slightly back and Dhonau and Haynes as the pinchers - this is all for mutual eye contact and due to my right hand problems, whilst it is in a splint I've found that I can play the guitar better sat down.

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