Sat Oct 31: Leicester Oxjam Takeover

By kevinhewick, Oct 28 2015 02:50PM

This Saturday I'll be performing with David Conrad Dhonau on cello at the all day multi-venued wristbanded annual charity extravaganza that is Leicester Oxjam Takeover. Our slot is at 17.50-18.20 at The Exchange, we have to follow Midcity which is... interesting. Originally we were going to follow their high energy electric set with our own high energy electric set which would have been a bit old man huffing and puffing and trying to keep up with the youngsters really.. as it is the trio has good into a period of comatose semi-death so instead Dhonau and I will do a set of bloody minded rust minded minimalist Autumnal melancholia. We had a rehearsal and it sounded right, it's not a cello tacked on to fake acoustic singer songwriter stuff to sound 'sensitive' and 'meaningful' and 'beautiful' - Nick Drake did it best but it's been turned into corporate slush now by Tory plants. In our stumbling way we are plucking scraping moaning howling stuff from the opposite lock kids, during the rehearsal we took a break and listened to The Black Tambourines, Lush and Run The Jewels - and Dayflower but that's cheating because Dhonau is in them too. But what I'm saying is that kind of listening is not like your Apple Music fake listening, it's love and guts listening to draw convertible inspirational elements into our music. I really want people to do that kind of listening to us on Saturday, if you talk through it you will really miss the point buddy, there'll be so much to choose from but we will me different to anything else I promise you. All dress up cos it's Hallowe'en, the bloodier the better...

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