Northern Lights audio-magazine cassette 1981: 'Mothers Day' recited

By kevinhewick, Sep 3 2015 09:20AM

The Kevin Hewick Facebook site is the place for the very latest KH gigs and stuff. Might as well use to take the odd trip back in time.

Anyone for 1981 Cabaret Voltaire live followed by a Hewick poetry recital?

Check out the page on the excellent Die or DIY? blogspot site. (You can download the original cassette tracks as mp3s.)

Here's an extract.

"Hopelessly obscure cassette, referred to as an “Audio Magazine” on the insert. Blessed with previously unavailable live Cabaret Voltaire rarities from the Les Disques du Crepescule era. Can't go wrong there then, one of the most influential bands of all time to start and finish yer magazine promises much.

What follows up “Sluggin' for Jesus”? Only the bard of Leicester himself, Kevin Hewick, reciting some of his poetry in a fine example of a toned down east midlands accent; thats right we (yes, I am from Leicester!) don't have brummie accents you southern dick 'eads."

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