July 15: free afternoon gig at The Criterion

By kevinhewick, Jul 3 2017 12:32PM

At The Criterion Millstone Lane Leicester, me and a couple of guitars in a few tunings and my voice and songs that I can't believe I've written, they surprise me even with their lyrical and melodic depths. Lots from the forthcoming album 'Driven By Love, Driven By Hate' and from recent albums 'Touching Stones, Tasting Rain', 'The Heat Of Molten Diamonds' and 'All Was Numbered' - and I'll play things from 2017 to right back to my 80s Factory Records days, nearly 40 years worth of material and the stories to go with them. Official times are 3pm start, 5pm end but I usually go over that a bit. Free admission and unfree beers, that's the way it works, be great to see you there and share the afternoon with you...

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