Jack and Pete and Lou and Ray

By kevinhewick, Nov 22 2014 02:40PM

I guess it is noticable that I don't blog on here like I used to. Some of that is because I am a bit secretive about 'work in progress' until it's ready - trust me, there IS real work in progress right now.. but also I especially seemed to write lots of obituary type pieces, too many. So many people have died, that's the bottom line of it. Jackie Leven, Larry Cassidy, Tony Wilson, Adrian Borland, Paul Allatson, Tom Westmoreland, Robbie Murphy and more, people like that played a part in making me what and who I am. I felt, and live with, so much grief over my mother. There came a point where I had everything to say but didn't know what to say about seminal figures, massive figures, figures who made the music what it is. It doesn't matter if they were as seemingly unstoppable and venerably ancient as the great folk pioneer Pete Seeger even, a loss is a loss is a loss. I feel Ray Manzarek, Lou Reed, and now Jack Bruce are like family. I hate to sound like a morose teenager but their passing has hit me very hard. A world without Lou, I still can't make sense of it, but he lives when you put 'Berlin' on. Ray was the ornate bedrock for Jim Morrison's poetic quest and bluesman hollering, he made The Doors sound what it was. My first LP other than by The Beatles was the live half of Cream's 'Wheels Of Fire' when I was 12.. and I was there at the Royal Albert Hall reunion in 2005, first night, such a thrill. I saw Lou that same year on supremely grumpy form, and the year before I saw Ray with The Doors Of The 21st Century. Mortality, it'll never last, don't I know it.. but the music is forever.

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