Does this site look strange on your Mac? Enable Flash again.

By kevinhewick, Jan 26 2017 09:12AM

Apple no longer have Adobe Flash enabled in their Safari browser, so this site is one of many that has started looking strange for anyone using the latest Mac Operating System. Luckily, it's pretty simple to fix:

1. Open Safari and then go to “Preferences”, accessible from the Safari menu.

2. Choose the “Security” tab and look for “Internet plug-ins”, then click the “Manage Website Settings…” button.

3. Select “Adobe Flash Player” from the left side to gather a list of websites that have used or attempted to use the Flash plug-in. Tick 'Adobe Flash Player' and tick ''.

(PS - Yes, we have tried to update the site to html 5. But this currently renders much of the site unviewable. Hopefully, Moonfruit will fix this.)

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