By kevinhewick, Jan 9 2015 05:29PM

2015 is already underway, writing my first 2015 lyrics earlier tonight parked in a mini bus in Grove Farm Triangle near Sainsburys with Lou Reed's 'Animal Serenade' blasting out on the CD player.. The new new album is nearly ready.. nearly. Details soon but 'nuff said that it contains 15 songs and is over 70 minutes long. The trio is also now underway.. Mark 'Flash' Haynes is as ever the one drummer / percussionist who will do this Hewick thing and we are joined by David Conrad Dhonau on bass, cello and electronica. It's all very exciting, like being 17 rather than 57 except at 17 I didn't fight possible carpel tunnel syndrome, type 2 diabetes and a bad case of the old man blues.. However 2015 looks like it is going to be productive and creative.

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