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the sound of

adrian borland

the amsterdam tapes

paradiso main hall



A very special tribute to the words and music of the late Adrian Borland of The Sound. Sadly no longer available to watch on Fabchannel as Fabchannel has closed. Anyone out there who has clips they can upload to youtube?


"Kevin Hewick is one of the guest vocalists featuring in a concert at The Paradiso, Amsterdam on Sunday 4 June. This is a tribute show to Kevin's old friend the late Adrian Borland. Each of the guests will be singing 2 songs from the newly released album 'The Amsterdam Tapes' and 2 songs by Adrian's hugely under-rated 80s outfit The Sound. Other vocalists appearing include Mark Burgess of The Chameleons and Carlo Van Putten of The Convent / White Rose Transmission. Adrian's father Bob Borland will be present too."